My Story

Brandon Kidd is the Owner and President of Folsom Creative, a full service digital marketing agency located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Folsom has provided mid-sized business with top notch and innovative digital marketing strategies since 2013.

In addition Folsom Creative, Brandon is also involved in several other groups & initiatives:

  • IgniteKit – Partner
  • Diagon & Main – Partner
  • The Alternative Board – Member
  • The Masters Network – Member
  • WordCamp Denver – Organizer

Brandon has also been a featured on the B2B Growth Podcast, Databox Blog, Kinsta Blog, and as a SkillShare Teacher.


Ever since grade school, Brandon had his sights set higher. He knew that owning a business was in his future. Brandon dreamed of owning his own construction company or performance auto shop. Although he wasn’t a great student, his drive to build a successful business helped him to keep working at it and to eventually find success.

While in High School, Brandon took several business and automotive classes and eventually Founded Rentech Motorsports (an online performance parts retailer) in 2005. Although Rentech didn’t succeed in the long run, it helped Brandon learn about business formation, eCommerce, and marketing.

Brandon would later go on to work at Hewlett Packard as a Tier 3 support specialist for Voodoo Gaming PC. During this time Brandon also worked on developing a stronger foundation in marketing & web design. This work would later provide the foundation to Folsom Creative.

Mission in Life

Brandon’s mission is to create a legacy and to make a positive impact on as many people as possible. In order to achieve that mission, Brandon is developing Folsom with a strong foundation that will allow it to adapt to the marketplace and become a multi-generational company.

In addition Brandon is dedicated to developing highly valuable content, geared towards educating young entrepreneurs and startup business owners about business development & digital marketing success.

Outside of Business

Brandon has an amazing wife and three beautiful daughters. Brandon’s family provides the fuel that drives his passion to create a legacy that can help provide a foundation of success for generations to come. Through hard work and determination, he is working to teach is family that anything is possible.

Brandon’s core values:

  • Honesty
  • Empathy
  • Positivity
  • Patiences
  • Respect

Brandon and is family enjoy vacationing to Disneyland (we’d live there if we could), routing for the Colorado Avalanche, and enjoying everything that Colorado has to offer.

This Site

Brandon’s goal for this site is for it to be the go to place for entrepreneurs and startups to learn more about business development and marketing. In addition this site will provide information on what events Brandon will be featured in, information about Brandon’s various projects, and place to connect with Brandon directly.

If you have any questions for Brandon, feel free to drop him a line.